This is the cost for a logo allowing meeting time and 1 round of revisions to get it right, dealing with one person where everything is presented digitally and no travelling is expected!30 mins – replying to email and asking a bit more info, and arranging meeting1 hour – initial meeting2 hours – research / inspiration / tea drinking4 hours – initial scamp ideas / sketches2 hours – application / refinement of ideas into a presentation document (its just a bit sloppy to send you a logo as a jpeg attachment)1 hour – getting feedback, digesting, conjugation2 hours – refinements to logo following feedback1 hour – final logo presentation1 hour – preparation of logo into all various formats (PDF, eps, jpeg rgb, jpeg cmyk, small jpeg/gif)1 hours – additional correspondence time (phone / email)total time: 15.5 hours15.5 hours x hourly rate = your logo costand voila – you have the start of a logo cost equation.

Source: How Much Does a Logo Cost? | Burning Red | Cardiff