Is Your Brand Recognizable in a Millisecond?

By June 17, 2015Branding

While we could argue about which brands have the best logos (and believe me, I’d be happy to have that conversation with you) obviously most brands have their own logo. So if they all have one, then why are some brands just so immediately recognizable, while others take a second? I’m willing to bet that the ones you notice right away are the ones with more than just a logo—it’s about establishing a great brand identity system.The world’s top retailers are amazing at this—Coca-Cola, Apple, Target, and Nike—when you encounter their brands or enter one of their stores, you know within a millisecond where you are and whose brand you’re experiencing. It’s about the colors, the typography, the signage, the texture, the music, the photography, and the overall experience that reinforces who these brands are.This is not just about stamping your logo on every possible touchpoint. Branded environments, trade show booths, printed collateral, business cards, letterhead, apparel, and all of your digital marketing assets (we’ll talk more about these over the next two months) ALL deserve more than just your logo here. They should echo the same tone, look, and feel of your overarching brand identity.The secret to a building a great identity is all about unity, not uniformity.

Source: Biz LockerRoom | Is Your Brand Recognizable in a Millisecond? by Josh Miles | Biz LockerRoom